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We proudly provide affordable housing to people throughout Springfield, IL. Whether you’re a student, young professional or empty-nester, we offer rental units that fit a variety of needs. All units come with excellent amenities, including appliances, free parking, washer and dryer, and free water and trash removal. 

Additionally, there are no pets allowed at our facilities to ensure a quiet and cleaning living space for all our renters.

Call our staff with questions or schedule a walk-through, and start the rental process today.

Rosemoore Apartments – Making Springfield, IL your home-sweet-home!

Our Locations

Rosemoore West Apartments

Rosemoore West apartment complex consists of seven buildings of both 1 or 2 bedroom apartments and 2 or 3 bedroom townhomes.

Rosemoore Apartments

Features 1 bedroom apartments and 2 or 3 bedroom townhomes in an enclosed set up with the pool in the middle, surrounded by three buildings.